Executive Body

Governing body:
The names, addresses, occupations and designations of the present members of the Governing body, to whom the management of the Association is entrusted as required under section -2 of the “societies Registration Act, 1860”, are as under :

Dr. V.M.Katoch

Secretary, Deptt of Health
Research& Director- General ICMR, Govt of India, New Delhi

PresidentService Doctor
Dr. Ashok Rattan

SRL Ranbaxy Ltd.
RRL GP-26 Maruti Udyog Vihar Sector-18 Gurgaon

Dr. Sarman SinghProfessor
Lab. Medicine,
AIIMS, New Delhi
General SecretaryService Doctor
Dr. Purva Mathur

JP & Trauma Centre Delhi-29

JT. Secretary 
Dr. B.L. Sherwal

A-703 Lovely Home Apartment
Plot No.5 Sector-5 Dwarka
New Delhi-75

Dr. Nancy Malla

Prof. & Head
Department of Parasitology
PGIMER Chandigarh – 160 012

Exec Member 
Dr. Chand WattalMicrobiology,
Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
New Delhi
Exec MemberService Doctor
Dr.Usha BavejaNew Delhi  
Dr. Swati GuptaG-2/235, Sarita Vihar,
New Delhi
Exec memberResident Doctor
Dr. Niranjan Nayak

E-54, Ansari Nagar,
AIIMS Campus

Dr. Arul Selvi

JP & Trauma Centre

Governing Body :
The Governing body means the Governing body of the Association, which under these regulations is constituted to be the Governing body of the Association, to whom the management of the affairs of the Association is entrusted as required by the act. It will comprise minimum five members.

The Governing body shall consists of following office Bearers :
1.PresidentOne Position
2.Vice PresidentOne Position
3.General SecretaryOne Position
4.Joint SecretaryOne to Two Position
5.TreasurerOne Position
6.Executive MembersUp to 5 Positions
Election and its mode

The election will take place once in every five years. The out-going President shall fix the date and time of annual General meeting, giving a notice of 15 days and shall invite nominations for election of the members of the Governing body.

The Governing body shall nominate three members to constitute the Election committee to conduct the election and shall nominate one of them as convenor. Voting, when becomes necessary shall be by ballot but limited to members with right to vote.

Powers and Duties of the office Bearers of the Governing Body :

  • President : The president shall preside over and conduct the business of the Governing body and General body meeting of the Association.

  • Vice President : Vice President shall assist the President in the performance of letter’s duties. The Vice President shall discharge the duties of President, General Secretary, Secretary and Treasurer during their absence, as per direction of the president.

  • General Secretary : Shall exercise general supervision in the affairs of the Association and be responsible for
    a) Convening in consultation with President all meetings of General body and the Governing body and recording the minutes of the meeting, carrying correspondence on behalf of the Association, submitting reports to the Governing body from time to time.

    b) Incurring necessary expenditure under the budget’s provisions which shall be subject to approval at next Governing body meeting and in case of urgency as even beyond budget provisions with the prior approval of the President.

    c) To look into any complaints received from members on the facilities provided by the Association and place his/her findings before the Governing body for such action as may be deemed necessary.

    d) He/she will be incharge of the administration of the Association and also be the custodian of the office property.

    e) Signing the agreements along with the President of the Association, where it is necessary.

  • Joint Secretary : The Joint Secretary shall assist the General Secretary in performance of the latter’s duties. The joint Secretary shall discharge the duties of General Secretary or the Treasurer during their absence.

  • Treasurer :
    a) The Treasurer shall maintain proper account of the Association records, all accounts on behalf of the Association issue receipts and make payments against bills passed by the President or General Secretary.

    b) To keep proper account of the receipts and expenses.

    c) Arrange for the audit of the annual accounts of the Association, in consultation with General Secretary.

    d) Arrange for the safe custody of the funds of the Association as directed by the Governing body.

    e) The subscription and other accounts shall be deposited in scheduled Bank in the name of the Association and shall be operated under the joint signature of the Treasurer and General Secretary.

    f) To prepare the annual statement of the income and the expenditure and also the budget of the following year.
Functions and duties of the Governing Body :

  • The Governing body shall perform the work entrusted by the General body and shall look after the day-to-day work of the Association.

  • The Governing body shall present the annual report, the auditor accounts and the budget for the subsequent year before the General body.

  • The Governing body may form sub-committees from time to time for carrying out various functions of the Association and shall also nominate a convener for each such sub-committee.